Annoyed Mom Of 7 Puts Up Angry Sign After Neighbors Keep Complaining About Her Kids

An annoyed California mom has erected a sign calling her neighbors “Karens” after they repeatedly complained about her seven kids playing outside. Raquel Davis of Sacramento allows the kids to play outdoors on the street in front of their house, with several of them enjoying skateboarding as a hobby. However, the neighbors are none too happy about this and have been calling the police because of the noise, claiming that it’s meant to be a quiet community, not a public park.

1. RAQUEL’S SIGN READS: “THIS NEIGHBORHOOD IS FULL OF KARENS.”She decided to put the sign up after becoming fed up with the latest police call-out last Saturday when one of her sons was celebrating his birthday by skateboarding on the street. One neighbor even came over to claim he could hear the kids from inside his house and to demand that Raquel make the kids watch their language. While she tried to be agreeable, once the neighbor left, Raquel hit breaking point.

2. SHE HUNG THE SIGN UP IN HER DRIVEWAY.Raquel didn’t know what else to do but to hang the sign on the basketball hoop in her driveway, displaying the angry message to the rest of the neighborhood. “I felt this is my son’s birthday party. They’re out skateboarding and I guess I was at my final straw. My last thing. I don’t know what to do so I put up the sign,” Davis told CBS 13. She claims the police have been called three times in the past month and she’s at wit’s end.

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4. THE NEIGHBORS AREN’T TOO BOTHERED ABOUT THE SIGN – THEY CARE ABOUT THE SKATEBOARDING.One neighbor claimed to the news station that they hadn’t called police at all but that those in the neighborhood couldn’t care less about Raquel’s sign. Instead, they wanted the noise and skateboarding to stop. “These folks moved in and it’s basically The Animal House, house in the neighborhood,” Bruce Foster, one upset neighbor, revealed. “There is like no sense of noise control.”

5. THE NOISE HAS BEEN HAPPENING FOR MONTHS AND RESIDENTS ARE SICK OF IT.Foster added: “It’s like there’s a park going on here. This is a neighborhood. It’s not the park. The people that live here did not move next to the park on purpose.” However, Davis said she didn’t know how to eliminate all noise when the kids are simply outside playing as kids do.

6. HOW WITH THIS SITUATION EVER GET RESOLVED?According to Foster, the only way forward is for Davis to begin addressing the issue. “They need to start recognizing that they have neighbors. That’s what it’s going to take. There’s no other alternative. The neighbors are not going away,” he said. However, Davis still doesn’t get what the problem is. “That’s why I came to this because I don’t know what else to do. I don’t know who’s calling. I keep my kids in past dark. I don’t know what to do,” she said.

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