Muskego 17-year-old accused of sexually abusing 15-year-old girl during underage drinking party.

Muskego guy charged with sexually abusing juvenile girl during underage drinking party. A man told police that two men may have sexually abused his 15-year-old stepdaughter during a party on January 9–10. The girl’s stepfather told authorities he saw cell phone messages indicating a sexual assault. Children’s Hospital found that the girl was sexually molested. … Read more

29-year-old woman was charged after she posed as a high school student for 4 days before she was caught.

Students and parents in New Brunswick, N.J., want to know how an adult woman got into the local high school and went to classes for almost a week.   A press release from the New Brunswick Police Department says that 29-year-old Hyejeong Shin was arrested on Tuesday and charged with giving a false government document … Read more

A 15-year-old girl snuck out to meet a man and never came back. Then, her parents made a shocking discovery.

15-year-old Sophie Reeder was born to Patrick Reeder and Nicole Twist, who divorced when she was two. Loved ones described Sophie as an introvert who liked all types of music and mostly kept to herself. At 12, Sophie began to exhibit behavioral issues. She often snuck out to take late-night walks without telling Nicole, and once ran … Read more