Teen girl walks in the front door of high school then out back door to her boyfriend’s car waiting in the parking lot

Never have I ever skipped school without a valid excuse. Unless I was sick or had a doctor’s appointment, I was present and on time before the homeroom bell rang in the morning. My best friend, on the other hand, skipped school whenever she wanted, without repercussions. One of her tricks was having her mother … Read more

Wealthy man offers pregnant daughter a new car in exchange for canceling her wedding to her unborn baby’s father

My friend got pregnant shortly after high school graduation. She was understandably anxious and upset because she didn’t know how she was going to tell her parents. She told her boyfriend first, and he asked her to marry him. My friend agreed, not because she was pregnant but because she loved her boyfriend and wanted … Read more

Woman furious when baby’s grandmother puts mittens on little girl’s feet in the winter after baby’s dad forgets socks

I knew a couple who had a baby girl. The couple both worked, so after the new mom’s maternity leave ended, they asked the baby’s paternal grandmother to help out by babysitting while they were both at work. The grandmother agreed. In fact, she was thrilled. There were a few problems with the arrangement. The … Read more

New study finds that UV nail polish dryers cause skin cell mutations that leads to cancer

According to a recent study, UV radiation exposure can destroy cells and result in alterations that are frequently detected in skin cancer. According to a new study, ultraviolet (UV) nail polish dryers, which are frequently used for gel manicures, can damage cells and cause cancer-causing mutations in cells. Cells were examined in two separate UV … Read more

Shooting at Miami park injures at least 8, police say

At least eight people — including two juveniles — were injured Sunday evening following a shooting at a Miami park, according to authorities. Thank you for reading this post, don’t forget to share this article! Details are still emerging from the incident, which occurred in an area of Little River Park, located northwest of downtown Miami. Miami-Dade Police public information officer, … Read more

N.Y mother, 33, is arrested after letting her 10-year-old son get a tattoo of his name ‘in full-size block letters’

A 33-year-old New York woman was detained after allowing her 10-year-old son to get his name inked in “full-size block letters” on his forearm at the motel they were staying at. According to authorities, a New York mom was detained after letting her 10-year-old son receive a big tattoo of his name over his forearm. … Read more