Couple’s Controversial Pregnancy Habit Causes Stir, Leads to Confrontation and Embarrassment at Work

I was a smoker, just like my wife, and we were both aware of the risks that came with it. But one day, my friend, a co-worker of mine, caught my wife smoking while she was pregnant. My friend was shocked and asked me if I was aware of my wife’s behavior.

I replied that I was perfectly okay with it. I told her that back in the 1950s, smoking while pregnant was perfectly acceptable and doctors even used to prescribe cigarettes to women during pregnancy. I also mentioned that my own mother had smoked while pregnant with me and I had no health problems.

My friend was not satisfied with my response and she immediately went to a nearby police officer and told him what was happening. My wife, who was already angry, stormed out of the car and confronted the officer, demanding that action be taken. But the officer informed her that smoking while pregnant was not illegal and he couldn’t do anything.

I had to step in and calm my wife down. The argument caused a scene in front of our customers and our manager scolded my friend for causing a disturbance at work. I was left feeling embarrassed as an employee and frustrated with my friend’s behavior.

In the end, I realized that although I was defending my wife, it was important to respect my friend’s opinions and maintain a calm demeanor in difficult situations. This experience taught me the importance of understanding and empathy, even when our beliefs and values differ.