Father who confirmed paternity over his child, gets threaten by mothers ex over involvement in child’s life

A man recently discovered that he is the father of a child who was born to a woman he had a summer fling with while on extended work travel. The woman had initially reassured him that he wasn’t the father, but after a year and a half of the man’s persistent questioning and paternity testing, it was confirmed that he was indeed the father.

When the man first found out about his fatherhood, he expressed his desire to be involved in the child’s life and the mother agreed. She also wanted to try to rekindle their relationship, but things didn’t go well between them. A couple of months later, the man received strange texts from the mother’s ex, who had been reading their messages and telling the man to stay away. The man confronted the mother about the situation and she agreed that it was time to make a decision, but she seemed to brush off the situation.

Recently, the man tried to call his child for a FaceTime session and found out that the child was not with the mother, but with the ex. This news upset the man and he expressed his frustration, telling the mother that he wouldn’t let his child grow up with two fathers. The mother started blaming the man for not being around enough, despite his efforts to see his child, including traveling to be with them and spending holidays together. The man believes that the mother has avoidance issues and is afraid of conflicts and problems.

The situation is complex and involves conflicting feelings and perspectives between the man, the mother, and the ex. The man is rightfully concerned about the well-being of his child, who is growing up with two fathers, but it’s also important to approach the situation with empathy and understand the mother’s perspective. In order to find a solution that works for everyone involved and prioritize the child’s well-being, open and honest communication with all parties involved and outside help, such as mediation or counseling, may be necessary.