Man demands Walmart employees mind their own business when they try to help with bathroom dilemma: ‘No one asked you’

What would you do if you were a man who needed to use the men’s room at the store, but you had brought your four-year-old daughter shopping with you?

It could be dangerous to leave the little girl alone outside the men’s room, but bringing her into the men’s room would create its own set of problems. Bringing the little girl into the ladies’ room instead might be even more unwelcome and controversial.

What’s a single dad to do?

That’s the exact problem that faced a Walmart customer when my mother worked for the retail giant. The man decided to bring the child into the men’s room and place her strategically between the urinals and the door while he went into a stall.

A Walmart employee was halfway to the urinal when he spotted the little girl. He asked her if she was lost.

The little girl explained she was waiting for her father to finish “in there” and pointed at the stall door.

The Walmart employee decided to wait outside the bathroom door to stop anyone else from entering until the little girl and her father were both finished using the bathroom. He thought it was the best solution to the problem at hand.

When my mother saw her coworker standing outside the bathroom just staring at the door, she asked him what was going on.

He explained the situation about the little girl and her dad inside the bathroom, and my mother agreed he had handled things the best way for everyone concerned.

When the customer and the little girl exited the bathroom, he found both the male Walmart employee and my mother waiting for him.

“Hey,” my mother said. “The next time you need to use the men’s room, you can leave your little girl with the greeter at the front of the store or the woman in the fitting room,” she told him in an attempt to be helpful.

“No one asked you. Mind your business,” he replied. “Both of you.” With that, he walked away with the little girl in tow.

“That’s the last time I try to help,” my mother told her coworker.

Was she right to offer a solution to a problem no one had asked her to solve? Was the customer being unreasonable and rude? What would you have done? Comments are welcome.

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