Mom who forces sex transition on her son, plans to chemically castrate her 9-year-old son. Dad terrified!

A Texas father claims his ex-wife traveled to California with the intention of “chemically castrating” their 9-year-old son, James, who identifies as a girl named “Luna,” according to the father, who is at the center of a contentious, protracted gender transition dispute.

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Thursday, Jeff Younger, a father of two who unsuccessfully campaigned for the Texas statehouse on an anti-trans platform, released a video that claimed to show his son identifying as a girl.

James, a 9-year-old boy who is questioned if he is a boy in the recording, responds, “No, I’m a girl.”

The young boy claims that his pediatrician mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, informed him he was a female and dressed him in dresses.

Younger told Carlson, “When I realized what she had planned for that youngster, my blood ran cold.”

Younger said that just days before the state’s “trans refuge” statute took effect on New Year’s Day, his ex-wife had knowingly moved his son and the boy’s twin sibling to California.

After California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the bill, Democratic state senator Scott Wiener, the bill’s sponsor, tweeted that the law was created to safeguard transgender kids and their families “if they’re being criminalized in their home states.”

Younger claims that his ex wanted to enroll James in a gender clinic in Dallas when he was 5 years old and started “transitioning” him when he was just 2 years old.

Younger claimed that “pediatric records suggest that she intended to chemically castrate him at age 8 or 9, which is his current age.” “And then he appears to relocate to California by magic? This is not, in my opinion, a coincidence.

The records from the pediatrician were not given by Younger.

Chemical castration is the process of stopping sex hormone production with chemicals or medications. Chemical castration is not a kind of sterilization, and it does not remove organs like surgical castration does. It can also be reversed.

While everything is going on, Georgulas has insisted that James is transgender, prefers to wear dresses, and prefers to be called “Luna.”

James’ mother said the boy asked for a “girl’s toy” and that a gender therapist who evaluated him that he start transitioning by donning gowns and using the name “Luna” was James’ gender.

However, Younger asserts that his son’s mother forced these habits on him.

Additionally, Younger said that employees at his son’s previous school in California colluded with his ex-wife and assisted in the boy’s covert change.

He explained to Carlson, “I’d send my son to school in boy’s clothes, and they’d give him a dress and make him use the girls lavatory.

What school his son attended and whether the institution issued a statement about the claims are both unknown.

James Younger and his twin brother Jude were given joint custody of both of their parents by a Dallas judge in 2019, but in August 2021, a different judge gave Georgulas complete custody of the kids.

The Texan reported that a subsequent court ruling stated, “neither parent may treat a kid with hormone suppression medication, puberty blockers, and/or transgender transition surgery (if any) without the approval of the parents or court order.”

However, Younger is certain that his ex-wife left them behind and relocated to California in order to ignore that court order.

The California Senate Bill 107 forbids “the enforcement of an order based on another state’s law enabling the removal of a child from their parent or guardian based on the parent or guardian allowing the kid to receive gender-affirming health treatment or gender-affirming mental health care.”

Before California’s new “trans sanctuary” law goes into effect, Younger had petitioned the Texas Supreme Court to order the Georgulas to return their sons to Texas; but, on New Year’s Eve, his plea was denied.

Younger’s appeal was rejected by the panel 8-1 as being superfluous.

Younger misunderstood California law, according to the court’s concurring opinion, which was penned by Justices Jimmy Blacklock and Evan Young.

The ruling states that “Father misreads California’s new statute.”

The ruling states that a court order dividing parental rights between separated parents based on case-specific judicial conclusions regarding what is in their children’s best interests is in no manner “a statute of another state.”

The judges continue by calling Younger’s appeal “speculative.”

In any case, they wrote, “Concern that any of this will happen would be totally hypothetical.”

“In this case, it is not only speculative but potentially forbidden by principles of estoppel, given that Mother has now stated to both this Court and the district court that she has no intention of trying to make it happen.”

The justices did state that Younger “may seek urgent appellate remedy” if Georgulas attempted to change their son’s gender without her ex-approval. husband’s

In response, Younger tweeted that the California state supreme court had effectively terminated his parental rights and opened the door for his child to be chemically castrated.

The father raged, “Texas is an empire of child abuse, commanded by Texas judges.”

The father continued to slam the justices for supporting his ex-wife during his conversation with Carlson.

He stated, “They foolishly conclude that my wife is no more likely to transition my son in California under the sanctuary laws than she would in Texas, and stupidly… argue that we may impose an injunction against her in California.

The acrimonious custody saga has drawn the attention of several conservatives leaders, including Texas Attorney General Bill Paxton and US Sen. Ted Cruz, who both supported Younger.

“A 7-year-old child doesn’t have the maturity to make profound decisions like this,” Cruz tweeted in 2019.

“The state of Texas should protect this child’s right to choose — as an informed, mature person — and not be used as a pawn in a left-wing political agenda.”

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