Toddler Unzipped Grandma’s Purse and Shoots Himself in the Face — the Weapon Looked Like a Toy

A South Carolina man expressed feelings of regret after his toddler grandson accidentally shot himself with his grandma’s gun.

As People reports, on June 20, Kayden Stuber, 2, got a hold of the teal-colored Glock pistol Tim Gunter had gifted his wife Bekki Gunter.

After running errands, Bekki and Kayden returned to their Greenville, South Carolina home. She placed her grandson and her purse on the bed before going to the bathroom.

Within seconds, Kayden unzipped his grandma’s purse and shot himself in the face with the weapon.

As People reports, the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement:

Once deputies arrived, they attempted to provide medical aid to the child before EMS arrived and transported the child to the hospital.While en route to the hospital, the child was pronounced deceased.

Furthermore, the coroner’s office ruled the toddler’s death to be an accident. According to Lt. Ryan Flood, the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, the “investigation is ongoing.”

In response to what happened to his grandson, Tim said:

“The only thing that I kind of regret in my life is that I got her a teal gun that looks like a toy. Probably the worst thing I could have ever done in my life when I think about it.”

Tim described the boy as “awesome,” “extremely loved,” and “everybody’s world.” The family has set up a GoFundMe to cover Kayden’s funeral and medical expenses.


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