Woman Walks Into Nail Salon And Runs Out Scared To Death When She Saw What They Were Doing

When you walk past a nail salon, you expect to look through the window and see nail technicians helping make people look beautiful. But when a student named Morgan Taylor walked into the nail salon to get a manicure, she was shocked to see that the nail techs were doing a lot more than nails. One manicurist was kneeling on the floor while she butchered a deer in front of the customers.

Because the nail salon was located in North Carolina – a state known for its love of hunting – people who got their nails done that day were not upset to see the bounty of the hunt strewn out on the ground. However, it was still weird for the patrons to see one nail tech spending her time butchering the carcass of a deer instead of working on someone’s nails.

Morgan, a student at High Point University, shared an image of the manicurist butchering the deer on the floor the nail salon to social media – and as you probably can imagine, a lot of comments came streaming in to shed light on the bizarre situation. She was visiting Diamond Nails last Thursday and was stunned to see the butchering going on as she was getting her beauty treatments.

“Hunting for a new nail salon in High Point, North Carolina? Talk about multitaskers… manicures, pedicures, and amateur deer butchers. Oh, deer!” the clever college student wrote to caption the now-viral image.

The comments came flowing in very soon after the post went online. People loved it and could not believe that a nail tech would rather butcher a deer than get paid to paint someone’s nails.

“I hope she manicured the hoofs and painted them orange or camp.”

“Thank you for making her a legend in the hunting community. I’m definitely going to start bringing my deer there from now on. Thank you again!”

One person asked if they were going to share the deer jerky. “Are they sharing? I’m here for some deer jerky.”

They weren’t the only ones to applaud the bizarre use of floor space in the nail salon. However, some critics did not like how the nail tech was putting people’s health and safety at risk by spreading the bloody remains of a deer across the location.

“They just violated about ten health and safety codes!” one person wrote.

Taylor thought it was funny to catch the nail tech butchering a deer while the shop was open, but she didn’t think it was that funny. She reported the incident to the North Carolina Cosmetic Arts, a state board for manicurists and hair care that helps keep the industry safe from people like this.

Despite the butchering that goes on alongside the nail work, Diamond Nails has a 3.5-star rating. Peter B. gave the establishment five stars.

“Ask for the dinner and pedicure package! This place bucks the competition plus you’ll save dome doe! I love this place, deerly.”

What do you think about this nail salon and their side-gig of butchering deer?

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