Westland Daily Team

Unpaid Surrogate Mother Faces Emotional Turmoil in Southern California

Darlene Arreola, a compassionate woman from Southern California, is sharing her distressing experience as a surrogate mother who has not received payment for her services, leaving her emotionally burdened. Arreola, who embarked on this journey to assist another couple in fulfilling their dream of having children, revealed her motivations to Eyewitness News.

Having enlisted with Elite Women Surrogacy (EWS) and worked closely with owner Kenia German, Arreola believed her compensation, as outlined in the online contract, would be securely held in a trust account. However, she alleges that the funds were directed to Kenia German instead of the agreed-upon trust account, catching her completely off guard.

Arreola, who delivered twins via emergency cesarean section a few months ago, disclosed that she has been engaged in ongoing communications with EWS and its owner to discern the reasons behind the non-payment. According to her, explanations from EWS included claims that the funds were being withheld by the bank, with screenshots purportedly showing transfers to an account that did not belong to her.

Eyewitness News visited the listed address of the EWS office, only to find it vacant, with new occupants stating that the previous tenant had ceased rent payments.

Kenia German, the owner of EWS, acknowledged the complexity of the situation but declined to provide specific details, citing an inability to conduct an interview at the time of inquiry.

Following contact from Eyewitness News, Arreola received an email indicating the awareness of the situation, but citing an inability to comment or disclose private information. The email expressed commitment to resolving the matter, assuring Arreola that her case would be completed, and any delayed payments would be processed by or before December 31, 2023. The message apologized for the delays, attributing them to undisclosed circumstances beyond their control.

Arreola, now grappling with emotional and financial distress, expressed profound guilt for the unforeseen impact on her family. Despite the hardships, she remains resolute, drawing strength for the sake of her own children.

This poignant tale sheds light on the challenges within surrogacy agreements and emphasizes the importance of ethical practices, transparency, and accountability in such sensitive matters. The community awaits resolution, hoping for justice and support for Darlene Arreola during this difficult time.