About Us

Westland Daily is dedicated to helping the people of Westland, MI to get the most appropriate local news as fast and reliable as possible.

We are family owned news site delivering local news and information. Our subscribers and visitors love our fast-delivered news and opinions, as well as our ideas for the local improvement of every quart of the city.

Westland Daily team is consisted of 3 people. The long-term target is to remain micro local news blog and cover only Westland events that local people will find helpful in their everyday lives. We aim to put quality and independent journalism in every story we publish.

As a trusted local news source, we are active for years now and we look forward our story to continue in the future.

We are also locals; we remain locals.

Our Team

Laura Rafferty – co-founder

Laura is a graphic designer and social media manager. Her love for the city where she grew up, decided to put it in her blog to keep the community informed on a daily basis.

Maricia Stephens – co-founder

Maricia is co-founder of WestlandDaily.com. She is Laura’s life partner as well as her business partner ???? Maricia was born and raised in nice neighborhood called Northville in Michigan. Mike knows what are his neighborhood needs and this news magazine is the voice of those people!

Alfredo Rodriguez – author

Alfredo is the newest team member that joined us in 2021. We were very happy to have him on-board, because Alfredo has lost his job in a major news house due to covid-19 complications. Alfredo is reporting the sports and crime news on our website.

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