Mom Keeps Shoes of 2 Kids Who Were Accidentally Left in Hot Car by Dad and Died

Marissa Rodriguez, the anguished mom whose husband accidentally left their twins in a hot car four months ago, is talking to Dr. Phil about the trying time and standing by her husband. There was a touching moment as Rodriguez spoke, with the family attorney at her side. “I have one shoe each of theirs. When I … Read more

Horrific Fiery Multi-Car Crash at Windsor Hills Intersection Kills 6 and Wounds 8 People

In a horrific collision involving at least six cars at an intersection in the Windsor Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, six people—including a newborn and a pregnant woman—were killed. Newly released, shocking security video of the collision shows the crossroads as it appears to be normal, with traffic moving along at a decent pace, before … Read more

‘I’m going to jump’ – Missing girl Jade Smith, 13, is found dead in the water near Brooklyn Bridge Park

A 13-year-old girl’s body was recovered from the East River in New York City after she threatened to jump while calling 911. Jade Smith’s mother, Suyapa Martinez, 30, reported her missing around 11 p.m. on Sunday. Around 8 a.m. on Monday, her corpse was discovered in the water close to Brooklyn Bridge Park, and she … Read more

Miami: 22 protesters arrested during sexual assault on statue of Christopher Columbus

After a demonstration against a statue of Christopher Columbus descended into a sexual orgy, according to Miami police, no fewer than 22 persons were detained. Before many activists began to strip off and sexually assault the statue, protesters initially attacked the Italian explorer as a racist and white supremacist icon. Many onlookers were horrified to … Read more