Take a look in a mans living in an airplane home in the woods for $370 a month

Bruce Campbell was always fascinated by planes, so when he had the opportunity to buy a retired Boeing 727 200-passenger jetliner for $100,000 in 1999, he jumped at the chance. The 1,066 square feet plane weighed around 70,000 pounds, but Campbell saw it as the ultimate home.

As an electrical engineer, Campbell had the skills to turn the jetliner into a comfortable living space. He installed all the necessary amenities, including electricity, running water, and a functional kitchen. Living in a plane was a dream come true for him. He could not have been happier with his decision.

However, his friends and family were skeptical about his choice of housing. They warned him about the practical difficulties of living in such a unique space, but Campbell was undeterred. He was passionate about planes and loved the idea of living in one.

Campbell had to sacrifice some things, of course. He had to pay $370 per month for property taxes and electricity, which was a significant portion of his income. But he did not see it as a sacrifice. Instead, he saw it as an investment in his happiness.

Years have passed, and Campbell has no regrets about his decision. He is still as passionate about planes as he was when he first moved into the jetliner. He feels fulfilled by his unique living arrangement and believes that eventually, more people will come around to the idea of living in retired jetliners.

“Unlocked” is a new home tour series that focuses on how much people across the US spend on their housing, what they get for their money, and what they had to sacrifice to make it happen. Bruce Campbell’s story is a perfect example of someone who followed his dreams and made the unconventional choice of living in a retired jetliner. He is proof that if you have the passion and determination, you can turn your dreams into a reality.